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We do professional data recovery (data extraction) from more than 3000 mobile devices including
Smartphones, tablets, cellular phones, portable GPS devices, PDAs & etc.

Our Capabilities include :
o Physical, file system and database data recovery from most mobile devices.
o Physical extraction and decoding while bypassing pattern lock / password / PIN from Android devices including HTC, Motorola, Samsung Galaxy S, SII, SIII family.
o Physical extraction and exclusive decoding: data, apps, emails, Bluetooth etc.
o Extraction and decoding from most Apple devices running iOS3+.
o Physical extraction and decoding from locked phones including password extraction.
o File system extraction from HTC, Samsung, Huawei and ZTE.
o Extraction and decoding of application data, passwords (user lock codes), emails, call history, SMS & MMS, IM (instant messaging), contacts, calendar, media files, location information,
o The generation of reports if required.

Level 1
File System Logical Recovery
This is the process we use to extract logical file system. It includes databases and hidden files from mobile devices not supported using the physical data recovery process. Enables the recovery of deleted files employing methods and software more advanced than Do It Yourself ( D.I.Y ) . mobile recovery programs.

Level 2
Retrieval of Deleted Information from Database Files
We recover deleted database records that include call log entries, contacts, messages (MMS/SMS) & etc. following a file system, physical or hardware data recovery

Level 3
Physical Data Recovery
This advanced process is done using bit-by-bit copy (cloning). Its made up of the entire flash memory of a mobile device (on the lowest possible level) including unallocated space. Using this methods bypasses the devices operating system recovering the data directly from the devices internal flash memory. We use custom boot loaders bypassing user locks or passcodes in some cases. This enables the acquisition of intact (un-altered) and also hidden or deleted data.

Unallocated space may contain deleted data like SMS records, call logs, phonebook entries, media files such as videos, photos,deleted passwords, installed applications, location information, geo tags, GPS fixes, chats, emails & etc.

Level 4
Hardware Data Recovery

This advanced process of recovering a physically damaged (broken, faulty, dead, water damaged & etc.) mobile device. Process includes taking the device apart and removing the memory and other chips in order to recover the data. A complex and time consuming process taking on average 4-8 weeks.
Situations / Circumstances may include
• drive spindle malfunction (motor failure)
• head crash (head stack failure)
• firmware corruption
• printed circuit board (PCB) failure
• media not being detected

Email Recovery
Data recovery from all corrupt, deleted, and damaged and virus infected email files databases and applications including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Outlook Express and Microsoft Mail.

Some typical email data loss situations
• Unable to mount Lotus Notes or Microsoft Exchange database or Server.
• Corrupt, damaged or deleted Exchange, Lotus Notes,
• Corrupt Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows email file
• Corrupt Windows email folder or address book.
• Microsoft Outlook mailbox exceeding limit.

Software Data Recovery
Circumstances include, corrupt data, deleted data, formatted drives, reloaded drives (OS has been reinstalled)