MorniPac Products and Services 

We continue growing our skills base to position us to become a leading solutions provider with an attitude and reputation of smarter solutions every-day. Our staff remain professionals in delivery as harnessed and coupled by our continued training.

Indeed we endeavor to provide unequaled service delivery of our products and services through smarter solutions. Our culture of a learning organization and continued customer update will harness our customer relationship and retention, thereby making us sees an individual in every customer and satisfy the individual customer needs.


•     Human Resource Software

•     Intranet and Management software

•     Learner Management Software

•     Financial Management Software

•     ERP Solutions

•     Document Management

•     Revenue Assurance Solutions

Professional Services

•    Forensics Services & Advisory

•    Networks Audits

•    ICT Audits and Reviews

•    Data Recovery




Value Added  Solutions   

•     CCTV & Surveillance Systems

•     Training  and Certifications

•     ISO/IEC 2007 Advisors & Trainers

•     Escrow Services

Payment Solutions

•     Bulk SMS  & Virtual Airtime

•     Anti-Virus and Security

•     Cards and ID Production

•     Point of Sale Solutions


Wireless CCTV and Cameras – Our CCTV and Surveillance software and gadgets are such that one can view their office, factory of home from anywhere in world, either via their phone or via the web or internet. We supply wireless cameras installed without any cabling . We have user driven cameras on installation and configuration. Our POS products carter retail supermarkets, restaurants, warehousing, stocks management and hotels Hardware – We have packaged our solutions to include hardware business in order to provide a complete solution. The ranges of hardware we provide are from Servers, Desktops, Laptops, Ipads, Smart devices to printers. Point of Sale terminals, security devices, routers and networking equipment. We are associated with these brands HP, IBM, Dell, Acer, DigiPos. We consider other hardware specific to clients and per request.

Professional Services  

Project Management – We have a wealth of resources that have the experience and expertise in project management. They plan and manage Information Communication Technology (ICT) based projects. We manage End to End Projects. Our success hinges that we are able to fully comprehend our clients’ requirements, making us able to identify factors that pose threats to the success of projects. Specific mitigation measures can then be put in place to ensure that projects run smoothly. We experienced and have expertise in Agile and Scrum, Prince II, PMBOK and Waterfall Project management methodologies.

Consultancy – We offer best advise in using technology to bring service to the people. Our Team of certified consultants invests a lot of time in understanding technology direction to ensure that we are able to advise our clients on best practice in so far as implementation of identified ICT solutions is concerned. We subscribe and practice ITIL process on service delivery.

Forensic Services ( Business , ICT and Digital Cyber )  – We go beyond compliant auditing. We conduct an audit behind and beyond an audit and provide proof from our seasoned and detailed investigative audits. Our work that speaks for itself gives our clients value for their money. We perform computer forensics, cellphone forensics and business forensics. Experience our satisfactory service delivery, explore our service offering

Digital Forensic Services Suite

Faked eMail Forensics Investigation Business/Banking Application Data Tampering/Theft
Telecoms Revenue Losses Investigation/Skimming Employees Internal Abuse/Document Tampering
Infidelity And Family Investigations Document Theft/Data Leakage Investigation
Slandering/Wrong Information Dissemination Dbase Backend Access Manipulation Investigation
Malicious Data Deletion/Wiping Pirated Software/Hacking Tools
Espionage/Sabotage CCTV/Video  Analysis
Audio Information Analysis Telecoms Cell Sites Data Capture And Analysis

Solution and Infrastructure Architecture  Audit – We take pride in the fact that our consultants are well trained and are able to advise in terms of the appropriate architectures ( solution and infrastructure ) to ensure the highest level of performance. The audit will include assessment of processes, solutions schema and integrations in the organisation system. A report will be done. We believe our clients are better equipped to make decisions about their delivery architectures after our professional assessments .

Network Audit and ( VAPT ) – This service include Vulnerability, Assessment and Penetration Testing ( VAPT). This includes white box, grey box and black box testing . Our Network Audit services are designed to allow companies to gain visibility into their network. Many a time, mission critical operations are compromised because the network is being misused. Our team of Systems and Infrastructure Consultants is able to use tools, devices and software available to perform the tests and produce reports and statistics to assist in decision making regarding the performance of the network. We cover the Wide Area Network (WAN) as well.