The founders of MorniPac passionately believe that Information and Communication Technology will rule the future in business, industry and commerce and social lives. The internet will be the forefront media of the future. Social network will be difficult to uncouple from fruitful business deals. Thus in future, more and more businesses will use the web as a mean to disseminate information, for prime marketing, as businesses storefronts and indeed as the most efficient medium for enabling and facilitating transactions for businesses.

Business will indeed need adequate infrastructures for all this to work and work successfully. Founders of MorniPac Consultants have the right business acumen and technical expertise to understand that they can articulate and supply great value to businesses by creating relevant and appropriate structures for them.

The passion of the founders gave birth to MorniPac Consultants in 2002 in Harare Zimbabwe. MorniPac Consultants then became the consulting arm of Planet Waves 175 in South Africa in February 2006. Under the Planet Waves 175 Group are other companies such as Tetrad Africa Private Limited incorporated in 2008 in South Africa.

Five major reasons that led to formation were:
1. Passion for Using Technology to bring Service to People
2. Pragmatic Digital and Cyber Forensic focus
3. Lack of proper target markets satisfaction and customer loyalty
4. Delivery and investing in people and culture
5. Passion for  dynamic electronic and virtual banking solutions

MorniPac re-evaluated its strategy and business focus as a continued survival tactic. MorniPac targets businesses of all ranges in need of customized ICT services, Project Management and Forensic Services. MorniPac offers quality solutions and services that specifically address the need of small- to medium-sized businesses and large businesses. We focus on affordable price and customer service accompanies. We have learnt from our and other’s failures and mistakes, and have been able to overcome the economic draught of the decade. We are experiencing rapid growth right now, efficient databases save money on labour. We perceive the future to be brighter and more prosperous.

MorniPac has implemented the NAV Solution ( ERP )  in many sectors that include the Service, Manufacturing, Financing, Mining, Retail, Education and Health Sectors. We also have clients that cut across the industry structures.

MorniPac Solutions is a division of MorniPac Consultants that specializes in ICT Audit, ICT Fraud and Forensic Audits, Governance, Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing ( VAPT)   Assessments, Systems processes and Controls.

MorniPac Consultants is a member of Planet Waves 175 Group which also owns Tetrad Africa. Tetrad Africa is the Electronic and Virtual Banking Solutions Center.

In Zimbabwe , we have signed an agreement with  Success Tools Zimbabwe ( a technology firm). www.cts.co.zw  and STC International ( An Audit and Forensic Firm). www.stcinternational.co.zw. These are regional partners.